How to find and buy cheap houses

What is Yoocel about? The quick path to Slumlord Millionaire!

What is Yoocel about? The quick path to Slumlord Millionaire!

In short, how to become a slumlord millionaire. A lot of millionaires own land and cheap houses. But they will not tell you how they found the cheap houses and how they found the money to fund the cheap houses. Now, please note that cheap is a word that has relative meanings. Because what may be cheap to Donald Trump and Warren Buffet may not be cheap to you.

Yoocel is about making passive income in a very aggressive manner through an approach that isn’t novel, because it has been done by others before. We aren’t seeking to reinvent the wheel. We are seeking to copy and make it better.

How is this passive income going to be gotten! Through legal means of course. There are mainly 6 ways of making passive aggressive income. Yes, it has to be aggressive. Nobody is going to bring money to you and dump it on your lap.

You have to work hard to find that source, but if you follow along as we also search, you might be able to find it. And if you do find it, do let us know.

Confession… We don’t know what we are doing. But everyone says it’s easy to make passive income, so we are going along. Mostly, we will read and bookmark some sites for the remainder of this year, as most of it has already passed us by, and we really aren’t sure how November and December will go after the elections. Both parties are whispering that they will go to court after the elections, so it’s probably best to sit and wait it out.